Pre-Seed Accelerator

A Unique Opportunity to Win PreSeed Capital and Market Access
PreSeed Accelerator is aimed for entrepreneurs in the MVP to early-revenue stages, and it provides pre-funding and customised market access support. This 100-day programme with industry and venture capital backing provides unique value to startups developing core IP in order to efficiently scale the business in a significantly shorter timeframe than typical.

Why PreSeed Accelerator

Upfront Capital

Upfront Capital

PreSeed Funding assurance on
day 0 for each selected startup


100-days high touch acceleration
with sole focus on Go-To-Market


Hybrid program with in-person and
virtual meetups, mentor hours


Gain access to the Startup Booster
Kit worth $150k


Connect with mentors attuned to your startup's unique stage and needs.


Showcase your product on Demo Day
and gain traction

Take the 100-days Journey with Us

1st week
  • Onboard & Know your investor
  • Build roadmap for
    series A
  • Compliance for future
2nd week
  • Mentor-mapping
  • Sales & Distribution Discussions
  • strategy building
2nd -12th week
  • Market & Customer insights from industry experts & founders
13th week
  • Global Demo Day

Our Investment Partners

For VCs

Discover and invest in IP led sector-focused early stage ventures before they make appear public

For VCs

For Corporates

Access disruptive tech innovations in early stage for co-creation & innovation


Interested startups can apply for the program by submitting their application at  along with all the requested details and documents.

The application will undergo a multi-step process and will be evaluated in three stages based on the various aspects of the information you provide. Startups that pass the three-stage screening process will present before the Investment Committee.

We’re assessing the team, the idea and the market potential”, using The to emphasise that we are evaluating it specifically to them. Also “The above parameters would be used as selection criteria for screening startups

The programme is intended for pre-revenue / pre-PoC startups with an MVP in place. The programme is ideal for an IP-led solution in mobility and related domain* that is 2-3 months away from its first PoC.

*Related Domain –

EV- E2W, E3W, Power train, Battery recycling, Swapping/Charging infra, Battery tech etc.
Transportation & Logistics– Plant yard, First mile, Mid mile, Last mile
Micro Mobility – Movement of people in a short radius of 5 kms
Warehousing Tech – Plug and Play Warehousing
Agri Supply Chain – Movement of produce from farm to farmgate & seed fertilisers back to the farmers
Finance & After Markets – EV financing / EV aftermarket plays

The deadline to apply for the accelerator program is 11:59 PM IST on 31st March, 2023.

The programme is intended to assist founders in the pre-revenue stage in developing a successful business:

1. Founders struggle to raise capital before generating revenue. PreSeed Accelerator allows them to form early partnerships with specialised domain-focused funds.

2. Market entry is difficult, whether for a first-time or experienced founder. Through structured milestone-based planning and warm introductions, this programme aids in breaking the ice.

3. By the founder, For the founder- The programme assists you in bringing on a successful founder as a mentor for life.

The Pre-Seed Accelerator programme lasts 90 days, followed by a week of demo days. Towards the end of the programme, startup can expect PoCs and strategic partnerships in place.

Founders must be present for 30 days and virtually available for 60 days during the 90-day programme. Founders must commit 6-8 hours per week during the virtual phase. The in-person phase of the programme would include one month of orientation and milestone setting with investing partners, brainstorming with peers, initial meetings with identified prospects, and other areas where personnel repo and physical presence matters in long run.

An in-person and virtual demo day with 100+ institutional funds, family offices, angels, HNIs, etc. looking to invest in promising businesses concludes the Program. Startups will continue to work with domain experts and mentors after the programme on mutual convenience basis.

Yes, we are essentially a Deep tech supporting ecosystem.

We are a super founder friendly program and do not charge any program fee.


a preseed accelerator to offer up-front funding and express market access support for 100 days to potential IP-led product entrepreneurs addressing global climate and environmental concerns.

Apply before:
8th Oct, 2023